Old Magic in Everyday Life

Mhairi's writing will catch the imagination of anyone who wishes to peer behind the gloss of present-day life. She ranges from the roots of Old Magic in nature and Mother Earth, passing animals and humans, through past lives and modern life to spells and shamanism. 

She describes many aspects of the sixth sense, bringing them into the present and offering meditations to try at home. 

       Full of humour and personal stories, 

       this is neither a fantasy 

nor a textbook.

            and personal opportunity...

                        " I read it from cover to cover...

                       " I felt such reassurance, permission and connection...

                       " I’m hooked already...

                       "...captivating with her honesty and plain speaking...

   "I recommend this book to anyone even mildly interested in spirituality,
     they won't be disappointed.
Old Magic In Everyday Life
Published: 20 Oct 2012
Author: Mhairi Simon
Publisher: Cross Publishing
In language: English
Genre: Mind Body Spirit
ISBN: 9781873295441