Doesn't everyone get an awakening as a baby?
No, some tell me their wake-up moment happened later in life, others are still seeking an understanding.

...accept situations that are normally seen as life crises as stepping stones to enlightenment

Everyday Life
Magic is not an instant cure for trouble, a guarantee for trouble-free bliss or even an alternative lifestyle. It is an extra dimension that can be overlaid on everyday life, interwoven and discovered at any turn your life takes.

The awareness was growing that I had a skill or a gift or a something that people were aware of and sometimes afraid of. I was still just me being me but could logically comprehend that if I had ‘the second sight’ or ‘sixth sense’ or ‘old way’, then I could use it. How I could use it, I didn’t yet know and what this thing I had actually was, I didn’t know.

I was in my teens before I became skilful at grounding myself...

The seventies were full of guru-worshippers...

I was refining my talents at healing and I was more able to manoeuvre the energy that flowed through me.

Let’s start peering behind the cloak of illusion and find the strength to stand in our own space and make our own choices and decisions about how we want to live.

I am confident that we never complete our learning, so I am always keen to find out more and also to be inspired again.

Journey journey has had it's ups and downs. Magic has brought loss as well as gain, and pain as much as a sense of identity.

I could see why the “love at first sight” relationship with my husband has always felt so comfortable and familiar. 

I became aware of the flow of magic that is available to us all and my skills at tuning into it started to surface. 

If you are lucky, you will find a mentor who can guide you. 

...allow yourself to step into a different energy – another world – and tune into the energy of Mother Nature.

How one chooses a path to follow can happen in lots of different ways. Sometimes it is a case of trial and error, and many cultures or styles need to be sampled to see what feels right. Some individuals may be recognised as having a skill by others and then encouraged to use it. To me, feeling right about it is the crucial part of deciding how to practice...

Magic has a power, which may be it's greatest attraction. But until you know what the power is, you can't begin to make use of it.

I loved embracing the feminine aspect of life...

Sixth Sense
More commonly now ‘sixth sense’ is used to describe a person who has esoteric abilities or a faculty of spiritual perception which is higher and distinct from the five physical senses.

I asked the moon’s blessings in finding the man who would be my soul-mate...

When I was young, I was progressing nicely on my path, aware that I could contact spirit who guided me in my work...

Discerning what is truth and what is a passing dream is something that I have grown better at over time.