Vav Simon

Mhairi is a Gaelic name still very much in use in Scotland. 

In the Gaelic tongue, the letters ' Mh ' are pronounced as  a ' v ' - so Mhairi is pronounced ' Varry '.

When I began to work as a professional, I started to use the
name ' Vav ', as it is easier.

I've been healing ever since I can remember being on my uncle's farm as a little girl. While the other children were asked to find the chicken's eggs or clean the horses' tack, I would be given the broken animals to fix. "She's got the Way with her", they said.

Ever since, I've had horses, dogs and cats of my own. Usually, they find their own way to me - needing care and healing, and would then stay. I trained in massage and then chiropractic to become a freelance professional - my 'day job'.

But I've wanted to write this book for a long time...

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 Over many years I have searched for new teachings to expand my awareness. I am confident that we never complete our learning, so I am always keen to find out more and also to be inspired again. 

I find that paying attention to the little things which occur in daily life often teaches us more than 
the many classes with 
so-called experts.”
Vav Simon, from the chapter 
'Expanding Learning
inside this book.