from the book cover
Soul Magic
Recognising Mine
Soul Purpose
Soul Mates
Letting the Magic Flow
Doing What You Are Here To Do
Gathering Skills
Discovering the Power
Teenage Tantrums
Honing the Skills
Choices and Changes
Losing the Path
Tasting Adulthood
A Time of Struggle
A Kick-start to Reawakening
Expanding Learning
Wheel of the Year
Moon Magic
Teachings Good and Bad
A Changing World
The Cloak of Illusion
The Environment
Bad Medicine?
Words have Power
Listen for the Truth
Mentors, Paths and Truths
The Glas-Ghairm
Using the Skills
Flight of the Callers
Animals & Children See the Truth
The Animals in My Life
Using the Senses
The Sixth Sense
The Physical Senses
Old Magic in Everyday Life
Beginnings and Endings
Magic Hidden
Gifts for your Path
Suggested Reading List
Glossary of Old Scottish words