Magic is a different way of doing things.

Much magic comes from the Universe, from the past. It is already here, waiting to be found and used: it does not need to be invented or improved. It is, however, mysterious – that is its nature. And that is the conundrum: how to find and use something inherently mysterious.

For many of us, this conundrum can almost stop our efforts to find it. 

But I know I was born with magic – it came with my soul. 

I use this gift every day. 
I consider myself lucky to be able to do that for the benefit of many others, some human, some animal. But it has not always been so: my journey has had it's ups and downs. Magic has brought loss as well as gain, and pain as much as a sense of identity.

Many people I've met have journeyed as though magic was somewhere over the horizon, aeons away, almost alive and determined to evade capture. I would like to tell you about my journey, so that you may gain ideas and encouragement for your own personal path. My main point is that Old Magic is close-by, still relevant and very, very interesting.

This book is for those seeking explanation and understanding of a path which is calling to them. At the beginning of a journey, the fear of feeling different or even insane can stop you in your tracks. I hope to reassure you that you are neither mad nor alone on this path. To many this story may seem fanciful or exaggerated, but it is as true as I can make it. To some it may be unbelievable, but to others this may feel like a story so familiar it could be their own.

The back of the book offers exercises and inspirations for you to try, or to immerse yourself in, because I have been guided to offer them. May your journey be one of excitement and illumination, but mainly a safe and happy one.

Mhairi Simon