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I felt such reassurance, permission and connection throughout this book. 

There was just the right amount of the author's story, whilst giving space for mine to still be a thread that I could connect to, which made the book more about grounded reality as opposed to escapist or fantasy magic.

At Campbell I started to read with pictures. Pals death was such a gift – bringing me to think about death & dying, with lots of tears. I physically couldn't turn the page at Meg's story, it was a real point of no return for me – a door ajar and I almost turned back. Her departure is so calm, wise and full of choice – which didn't stop me from breaking down, but a good noble death, full of respect, an enviable end.

And the Piebald Crow, spellbinding and bringing back flooding memories of my encounters and my own need to get back to the garden. Also bringing the magic back to here and now, and the author's sharing of the normalness of her family, work, bills and failing health is so permission giving.

Just enough grounded magic to evidence the reality, without seeming unbelievable to those that don’t yet know that it’s everywhere.
Debbie Hutton, Psychologist

Just to let you know my copy of Vav’s book arrived yesterday, I’m hooked already.  I’ll get her to sign it next time I see her.  I think one of my friends would love it and would like to get her one for Christmas...

A very special lady and such a privilege to share her life and thoughts through her book. 
Sheila and Amber

I love this book, an engaging story from start to finish. This story encompasses the magic that we all feel but can't always put our finger on! I laughed and cried through out!

Vix (via

I am a very happy owner of your book already. 

I am a Yoga teacher, among other things, and one of my students bought it for me for Christmas. What a precious gift! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I've had so much inspiration from you which I'd like to share with my clients and students. 

I found Mhairi's partly autobiographical book presented an often contradictory subject in a touching and humourous way, with an authenticity born of intrinsic gifted abilities. Through her vivid descriptions of previous existences I felt like a witness, transported, to experience the emotional impact. Her journey of development through life's trials and tribulations, and the notion of magic placed in a firmly grounded position has lifted veils I previously found to be concealing a true definition of magic. 
Robin Whitehead

Fascinating read.
I almost don't know how to begin to describe the effect this book had on me. I was drawn in from the first page and carried along this incredible journey through history, the grounding in wisdom we can all gain from tuning in to our under-used senses, the land, and ancient knowledge which is ours for the taking if we take the time to listen. I am now listening! 

This tempered by anecdotes from the author's childhood, her current work with both human and animals, her undeniable gift and vision... and her mischievous sense of humour, which will suddenly surprise and make you laugh when you least expect it. 

Poignant, educational, sad and funny... and most definitely thought-provoking.
Sarah Starsmore (via Amazon)

Mhairi is a great story teller.
She takes you back to when she was a girl and reminds you of the magic of the world that we tend to loose when we grow up. She talks of a time gone past and of the slowness of the old days and ways when we all appreciate the world around us and all that Mother Earth gives us. I highly recommend this read.
Brittney (via

A truly inspirational book. It makes you realise just how much we have lost that connection with nature and our spiritual side.
Andrew Davidson (via Cafe Biblio)

Coming Home to Self
I got the book to review it on Amazon and went to put it on the pile to wait it's turn, thought I'd just glance inside out of curiosity... and suddenly found myself already at page 57!

I guarantee you will have read nothing like this before; and certainly, if you have, it will have been from text that was missing such a beautiful flow; from the first chapter, page indeed, I was ensconced.

Able to clearly visualise the environments and circumstances shared, regardless of time and place, I was frequently lost to this world, time and place! I have been transported effortlessly across millennia by the authors incredible descriptions.

It does feel rather like this is MY time to have been gifted such accounts, and for this, I'm hugely grateful.
This publication has brought me closer to home, even closer to self, and I have learned so much, whilst wondering; "did I not already 'know' these things"?

Be fully open to the experience, and I think you will enjoy the journey of a lifetime - or more!
Robert Brotchie (via Amazon)

A magical book - in many ways
It is always interesting reading about somebody one knows but.... wow! Vav Simon always has me enthralled and her book does not disappoint. I found it absolutely fascinating. I love hearing her life stories, sharing in her experiences which include many emotions. I must say I did find myself reading some of it in her accent with a giggle. I could actually picture and hear Vav saying some of the text especially: "Never ride my horse again". This was one of my favourite parts and shows deeply, in my opinion, the communication and magic Vav has with animals and humans alike.

A book I will re-read.
Caroline Sheasby (via

What an inspirational book.
It's not normally something I'd pick up if I was browsing around a bookshop, but when I was messaged about reviewing this, I thought hey, what the hell, I need to broaden my reading range and branch away from the YA bubble that everyone seems to be in at the moment!

*taken from goodreads* 
"Magic is a different way of doing things.
Much magic comes from the Universe, from the past. It is already here, waiting to be found and used: it does not need to be invented or improved. It is, however, mysterious – that is its nature. And that is the conundrum: how to find and use something inherently mysterious."

I really enjoyed this read. If I'm 100% honest, I didn't think I would. I didn't think it would be interesting or something that I would be into at all, but I really did like it. 

It was so inspirational and it really made me see life in a different way. Because I didn't know if I would be into it, I wasn't sure whether it would be compelling enough to pull me in and make me forget about the world around me, but I really did. I was surprised by the emotions it pulled out of me! 

Such a sad, funny & fascinating book.
Annie O (via originalbooker.blogspot)

Fascinating & Packed with knowledge
A beautiful book packed full of fascinating stories.The style of writing is different from what I am used to and I got a tiny bit confused in the beginning then realised that it was clear that she was in a previous lifetime and then it was the present day. Mhairi's love of horses comes through strongly throughout the book. I found myself feeling sad at parts and laughing at other parts and even suprised at some parts.Her obvious natural healing gift is so touching and sometimes she seems so sweet and then slightly sassy too. I guess they say everyone is your mirror and I saw myself in her. It must be my Irish temper haha that comes through sometimes. She is a skilled natural healer as well as a great author. I agree with most of her views on things and in particular that we have lived many lives but don't always remember them all. The Old Magic is something very special and I think she is very blessed to have been given this knowledge from the people that "initiated" her when she was a young girl. Reading this book has made me want to further some of my interests that I already have in esoteric related paths and I am keen to try the exercises at the back of the book. I feel this is a book so full of detail and things that I can learn from that I am going to re read it. I also feel that her honesty throughout the book makes it very humbling and certainly makes me realise that I need to open my own eyes more clearly to what is around me. Especially with birds and animals in my garden. I have become disconnected from them in the past months and reading this book shows me that it is never too late to get back on track and reconnect to things that mean a lot to you like the animals around me. Also love her quaint use of Scottish words, I was a bit lost but there was a glossary that helped me that I could refer to. A lovely book that would be enjoyed both by animal lovers as well as anyone that enjoys esoteric books. You will not be disappointed. I feel blessed to have read it.
Niki Turner (via

Just a line to say how much Jean & I enjoyed reading your book.

It's a major compliment to you that I read it from cover to cover - I don't really read books and it's years since I read another right through.

I've seen you do some of the things you describe in the book - I wish I were able to treat animals in the same way that you can. 

Thanks for a good read - I look forward to the next edition!
Kind regards.       Mike & Jean Cox.

Old Magic in Everyday Life, is an easy to read book about a subject that can be difficult to explain or categorise. It’s an extraordinary life story, simply told, which occasionally smacks of Harry Potter’s life with the Dursleys. 

The mundane, the humorous and the magical events of Mhairi’s life so far, smoothly unfold, captivating the reader with her honesty and plain speaking, while addressing the prejudices often associated with psychic ability, healing and visions. Her mastery at creating episodes from her previous lives is spellbinding. 

I thoroughly recommend this book to the enquiring reader and the modern day soul searcher. 
Karen Cronin

The only time I might cry is when I’m angry and frustrated.  

This book made me cry for other reasons but it also made me laugh, out loud on a couple of occasions and I’m sure the other clients in the hairdressers at the time must have thought I was mad but having read this book I now know for certain that I’m not.  

It has inspired me.
Sarah Bunting

Better late than never, just wanted to put pen to paper over the book.

Now, I used to be an avid reader, before coming to the Island to start my pet cemetery, now I can't even find time to read the stack of unopened dog and horse magazines piled on the side of my desk. But I know Mhairi, so when I got this book, I was determined to read it; even so, it took me a little while to get that front cover turned over, but when I did, I could not put it down.
From the very first paragraph it caught me, in places it made me laugh out loud, in others it had me weeping into my sleeve, and  above that, throughout, it made me think, often like a flash of lightening, as so much of it was “...I knew that...” or “oh its not just me being silly, these things do happen” !!!

Of course I, like so many others, know how Mhairi has that way about her, and you know from talking to her, that all she can do and does, is not a taught process, but a knowing process that thankfully she has been able of convey in this wonderful book.

So many of the things that have gone through my head since I was a child, were actually explained, and simply told. So I say a huge heartfelt thank you Mhairi and long may you continue.
God Bless, Sue Hemming 
Oh and PS  I have a very dear friend on the mainland who is a bit of a witch herself, I shall be coming to buy another book to send to her as a gift, for I know she too knows !

Engaging and absorbing!
This is an engaging and absorbing story of a unique life, along with a way of viewing the world which connects the past, present and future in an organic whole. The tone is hilariously earthy and grounded in the reality of the land, yet there is a powerful thread of mystical wisdom.
Silverhealer (via

Old Magic in Everyday Life is not a book I would usually read, but I can honestly say I am glad I did. Wow…thought provoking just does not do it justice I had goosebumps (the good kind), I would compare it to listening to a song that you feel completely connected to and it sends a shiver down your spine. The author’s vision is refreshing and I think I might try and take a page from their book! (no pun intended).

It was hands down the most inspiring book I have read. 
Caroline Gater (via

A timely reminder...
I knew I was well out of my comfort zone after reading just a few pages of this intensely personal autobiography of a life well lived.

Although written in a light, almost conversational style it addresses many of the most important concerns many of us have about modern day life. Perhaps one of the most important lessons it reminds us that whilst we have previously unheard of opportunities to learn more about the world we live in, as fast as we learn, the more we forget about the deep core values that were developed over the millennia of previous human civilisation. This is echoed in powerfully statement "Only children and animals see the truth".

Anyone who has talked to young children will know how clearly they see the world, free of the confusion and prejudice we often aquire in adulthood. Dog owners delight in the comfort they feel in the companionship of such a simple, unjudgemental friend.

Some of the concepts and ideas the author talks about were outside of my personal experience but a reminder to me to keep an open mind rather than hold ridged fixed views, shut off from the possibility of change.

I suspect that this profoundly thought provoking book will live in my mind for a very long time.
Roger Sharp (via Amazon)

I could not put this book down!! it was a amazing read!! 
Cori (via

True Tales and Deep Teaching from a Wise Woman

Mhairi Simon has written a jewel of a book that shines with a rare inner light, inviting us to gaze deeper into hidden mysteries from the dawn of human civilization up to modern times. In these mysteries of intuitive ways of knowing, communicating, and communing with with our natural surroundings we can gain a better understanding of who we truly can be as guardians of the natural areas we reside within.

Simon's autobiographical book spans a handful of decades of her life so far, taking the reader on a thrilling journey from her early days in rural Scotland where as a young girl she loved to commune with nature and observe natural rhythms and ways of Earth, air, water, animals and plants. Mhairi was a very special kind of girl, who could invite a village dog to jump her high fence and spend happy hours playing together, so she wouldn't be alone. As Mhairi matured, her ability to facilitate energy healing drew the attention of townsfolk, who increasingly came to seek her out when horses and other animals fell ill.

"Old Magic in Everyday Life" provides rare insights into the making of Wise Woman, sharing observations and surprising turns of events along with insights into the thoughts and feelings of a young magical girl with a knack for calling animals... including wild animals... and for healing animals, too. In this day and age in which so many people are losing touch with natural surroundings, much of the magical traditions that Mhairi showed early facility with and gleaned further knowledge of through wise elders and mentors is becoming almost a lost art, "Old Magic in Everyday Life" is all the more special.

As Mhairi explains in occasional thrilling flashbacks to past lives sprinkled throughout this book, we humans have long depended on wise ways of knowing the seasons and movements of animals in order for us to thrive and prosper. Generations ago, humans honored those known for their abilities in calling herds of prey, and for healing those who became sick. There have always been some individuals gifted with the sensitivity to tune in to thoughts, feelings, and energies of others... and these people are still with us now.

Highly recommended!
Cynthia Sue Larson (via Amazon,

Received via. First Reads
This book is filled with fascinating anecdotes and I found myself connecting with Mhairi on a spiritual level. 'Old Magic in Everyday Life' is interesting and well written, and is overflowing in nuggets of wisdom, it opened my eyes/mind to the world around me. I recommend this book to anyone even mildly interested in spirituality, they won't be disappointed. I will definitely be re-reading this book in the future.
Laura Way (via

I enjoyed Mhairi's book so much it will give many pleasant hours of re-reads.
Denise Emery

I have just read your delightful book and have so enjoyed every word.  Life has always been magical for me as I have been fortunate enough to work with three amazing oracles and it is so good to know you are here on the Island of Light shining your own light wherever you go.
Many blessings be with you
Carolyn Morgan